Reiki Infused, Handcrafted Mala Necklaces

Creating Juniper

I am Juniper, what matters to me most is that I share my gifts with honesty & integrity. I have a genuine desire to help others using my knowledge & experience to influence other’s lives in a meaningful way.

I create beautiful, one of a kind mala necklaces & bracelets that can help you add meditation, and intention setting into your daily life. Which will enable you to heal old & not so old wounds, and promote mental health by changing your internal dialogue.

I believe that everyone is worthy of living their best life, and with my Reiki infused, handcrafted jewelry you can heal yourself and step into a better way of being.

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My Malas are Reiki Infused

I am a certified Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master. Each mala I create is infused with Reiki energy from conception to conclusion. If you would like to learn more about how I can help you to create the changes you'd like to see in your life please reach out.

Custom Malas

I love my Mala...

It was custom made to be worn on my wedding day. I gave very little creative direction aside from colours and yet it turned out perfectly. I find the quality of the beads to be amazing. Compared to other malas I've seen, it feels substantial, really comforting to wear. I would highly advise in treating yourself to something that will beautify your wardrobe and make you feel good.

S. Mitty

I was absolutely tickled...

I was absolutely tickled to receive this mala as a gift from a dear friend, hand crafted by Juniper. I am very touched by the stones that she chose,  how their properties are exactly what I have been calling into my life. Not to mention that the pendant of the tree of life, resonates deeply within me. It is a treasure that I wear with meditation and ceremonial practices. I highly recommend Juniper's craftsmanship as well it is very durable... Cheri tested!

Cheri Hawley

Five Stars on Etsy

Love it. More beautiful than the picture. Fast shipping as well. Thank you.

Cat from Camrose

He wears it just about every day...

I wanted to give my husband a very special mala necklace made with Love and Intention. I found Juniper’s incredible works on etsy and I was so excited when she created the most beautiful mala for him. The piece was made perfectly and he wears it just about every day. The experience of working with Juniper was a dream and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend!!

E. Campbell

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