Hand-Knotted, Blue Amazonite, Black Onyx and Chevron Amethyst Mala with Silver Accents

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This mala is hand-knotted using 108 Beads plus Guru Rudraksha Seed and waxed 100% cotton thread. It is made with Blue Amazonite, Black Onyx, Chevron Amethyst with silver spacers & silver Seed of Life pendant.

All Malas are cleansed and ready to be put to work. Clarify your intentions, set them clearly in your mind and get ready to manifest a new and more positive life.

As stones are multifaceted in their energies so too are their metaphysical properties. The stone descriptions included below are just a taste, there are plenty of great resources if you’d like to learn more.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me, creatingjuniper@gmail.com

In sacred geometry, the Seed of life symbol is considered to be the origin of all that exists in our world. The seed precedes the Flower of Life and leads to the formation of the Fruit of Life. The Fruit of Life is said to be the blueprint of the universe, thus everything in existence life form, molecular structure, and the atom can be founded on the shape of the seed of life.

Blue Amazonite:
• Enhances communication & aids in setting healthy boundaries
• Helps relieve stress, calming the soul & soothing the spirit
• A stone of manifestation, great for energizing affirmations

• A stone of self-realization, dive into your inner depths & find your truth
• Conquer your fears by harnessing your personal power
• Free yourself from everyday worries and fears to find your calm

Chevron Amethyst:
• Combines the amplifying powers of Quartz with the stress relieving energy of Amethyst
• Promotes peace of mind, relaxation & self-discovery
• Aids in the recovery from addictions

Rudraksha Seed:
• Warn for centuries because it's a manifestation powerhouse
• Reverses the effects of stress and alleviates anxiety
• Promotes self-empowerment and live life without fear.