Cleansing & Caring for Your Mala

Cleansing Your Mala:

Malas absorb and store energy, from you, other people and situations you experience so it’s a good idea to cleanse them from time to time to remove any unwanted energy.

My top 3 ways to cleanse my malas are:

  • Place your mala in the moonlight for a few hours to naturally recharge
  • Burn incense such as sage, sweet grass or cedar and fan the smoke over it
  • Place it in a bowl, or box with a piece of black tourmaline for 24 hours

Black tourmaline is known for its cleansing energies.

While Wearing Your Mala:

Exposure to excessive sweat, sunlight, perfumes or other chemicals can damage the knotting cord. Please avoid wearing your mala while swimming, exercising or showering.